Human resources & business travel

Keep your travelers productive, safe and happy

When it comes to travel, business risk comes in many forms: lost productivity, frustration and personal safety. Find out how to create a healthy work-life balance for your travelers—and focus your investment where it matters most, on high-return travel.

Put ‘human’ back in business travel

The key is to give your travelers exactly what they want to keep them happy. In return, you’ll get what you need, too. Happy travelers, happy you. And we’re here to help you with all that. Take TripSource®, our ultimate travel companion, that makes booking and traveling a lot easier and more effective.

Not only keeps TripSource® them productive, you can also deliver timely policy-related messages to help them to make the best decisions while on the road. Or give them direct access to your company’s travel policy and measure their satisfaction with polls.

Care to care

Just because you’re staying at the office, doesn’t mean you can’t keep your travelers safe and fulfil your duty of care. Our business intelligence platform DecisionSource® lets you track and trace your travelers and take swift actions in case of emergencies. Run pre-trip reports that help you to take action even before their trip starts, and much more. Need personal advice or support? Rest assured: we’re always just one call away for you and your travelers. Find out how you can let your travelers value your travel program more, just like you value your employees.



of road warriors consider
travel policies just as important
as salary and responsibilities



of business travelers prefer
using self-service technology
to book and manage their travel



of travelers say they’re happier
with their travel program when
allowed to do their own thing

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