Executive team

Our global executive team brings together some of the most experienced, talented and industry-savvy people in corporate travel.

Greg O’Neil, President, Asia Pacific
Neeraj Singhal, Chief Financial Officer, Asia Pacific
Maura Geertsma, Senior Vice President of Sales, Asia Pacific
Andrew Yeo, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives Asia Pacific & Global Network
Samrat Roy, Vice President of Account Management, Asia Pacific
Simon Koh, Vice President of Technology, Asia Pacific
King Wah Leong, Vice President of Operations, Asia Pacific
Emanuel Tzafaris, Vice President of Supplier Relations, Asia Pacific
June Koh, Vice President of Human Resources, Asia Pacific
Tass Messinis, Managing Director, BCD Travel Australia
Jonathan Kao, Managing Director, BCD Travel Greater China
Lily Agonoy, Managing Director, BCD Travel Hong Kong
Ajay Bali, Managing Director, BCD Travel India
Matthew Stewart, Managing Director, BCD Travel Singapore