Traveler Engagement campaign guides travelers to TripSource

Keeping employees happy, productive and safe on the road is the No. 1 priority for a California company with annual travel spend of US$140 million and 10,000 employees who take at least one business trip a year.

The corporate travel manager rolled out BCD Travel’s TripSource® traveler platform to simplify trips through mobile self-booking and more. His challenge was traveler adoption.

As a case study describes, the solution was an eight-week Traveler EngagementTM campaign from business travel consultancy Advito. The Advito team:

  • Created a brand for the company’s travel program
  • Crafted visually appealing graphics
  • Designed customized, compelling content to raise traveler awareness

The result: TripSource app adoption doubled over the course of the campaign and then kept growing. A year after the campaign launched, more than 4,100 travelers had signed up for TripSource—nearly a 400% increase in users. Travelers liked the convenience the app added to their trips.

“Traveler Engagement was definitely worth the investment,” the travel manager said. “We’ve gotten every penny back and more.”

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