Domino’s partners with BCD to keep travelers safer in Hong Kong and around the world

Domino’s leverages the power of BCD Travel’s DecisionSource®, TripSource® and SolutionSource® platforms to keep travelers safe, and the international pizza chain’s ability to manage through unrest in Hong Kong has proved the strategy’s value.

The company now has a single view of essential information about employees, whether they’re traveling for business or commuting to the office. It’s easier for Domino’s to find and help its people in an emergency. And the duty of care improvements have come with an added bonus: Traveler booking compliance is up 21 percentage points.

“Having all of our traveler and on-the-ground employee information in one single platform is key,” said Domino’s Travel & Events Manager Becky Kalucki. “Our lives are easier now—for travelers, the travel team, our stakeholders in other departments. The executives upstairs are looking at this and are very pleased.”

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