What not to wear on a business trip

Breeze through airport security, avoid pickpockets and make a great first impression.

Planning your wardrobe for your next business trip? Here’s what not to wear on a business trip if you want to move through airport security checks quickly, avoid pickpockets and make the right first impression at your destination.

  1. Too many buckles or buttons. Regular airport security lines usually require shoe removal and empty pockets. Allow yourself time and space to loosen intricate laces or buckles and make sure all pants and jacket pockets are clear before you reach the front of the screening line. Head coverings, metal hair accessories, hairpieces and pinned up hair may be flagged for additional inspection. Check out these tips on hair from the S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
  2. Uncomfortable or restrictive garments. Dress in layers to accommodate fluctuating temperatures in the airport and on the plane.
  3. Eye-catching valuables. Use discretion in wearing and packing jewelry and other valuables. Luxury items may attract unwanted attention from thieves. You may be asked to remove the items before passing the metal detector. If lost, recovering those valuables may prove challenging.
  4. Prohibited colors and clothing styles. Familiarize yourself with business dress code and cultural considerations at your business destination. For example, an orange-toned coat may be considered common for fall in Western cultures, but it’s also the color of mourning in some cultures and a symbol for royalty in others.

Safe business trips for women

More than three in four female business travelers have experienced harassment during work trips, according to a recent SAP Concur survey. Check out these ideas for safer trips.

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