Planet 21 – Accor’s commitment to sustainability

Accor is striving to achieve zero food waste and carbon-neutral buildings as part of its sustainability goals.

Accor is more than a global hospitality leader in over 90 countries, but is, and has been committed to sustainability for many years. Alongside their clients, customers and stakeholders, Accor is committed to meeting sustainability objectives and strives to encourage their clients and staff to look at the world in an engaged and responsible way. The brand constantly works to drive the change towards positive hospitality wherever they are in the world through the Planet 21 program. Planet 21 demonstrates the Group’s ambitious goals for the future based around four strategic priorities: working with its employees, involving its customers, continuing to be innovative with its partners and working with local communities.

Within this, Accor has two key focuses within their initiative: reducing food waste and moving towards carbon neutral buildings. Accor strives for zero food waste, offering healthy, balanced and high-quality food grown in our kitchen gardens and local products. We are committed to reducing food waste by 30%, and are investing in solar and other innovative technology to ensure that all of our new hotels are completely carbon neutral. Accor aims for 100% of its hotels to be involved in a citizen or solidarity project and engages our customers, encouraging them to act sustainably when staying with us by reusing towels and the eco-certified products that we provide in our rooms.

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