Check in to an exclusive wellness experience with Kempinski Hotels and Technogym

Kempinski Hotels and Technogym are working together to keep travelers fit and well.

Kempinski Hotels, Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, has partnered with Technogym, the world-leading company in fitness and wellness, to offer its guests an all-round wellness experience that, along with the hotel wellness center, includes innovative in-room training solutions and on-demand fitness services.

The two leader brands strengthen their relationship offering a brand-new wellness idea for travelers through the world. Guests can book a fit-room powered by Technogym directly through the hotels’ websites.

Each Kempinski Fit Room – equipped with a Technogym Bike and Technogym Case – offers its guests access to a selection of the best training equipment and digital contents such as the new TECHNOGYM BIKE – a revolutionary indoor cycling class and trainer experience, led by trainers from around the world.

The fit-room solution allows guests to train according to individual preferences in the comfort of their room, whether they are traveling for business or leisure. Supported by over 35 years of experience and research, Technogym provides training solutions of the highest quality and comfort.

Travel and wellbeing are evolving alongside one other. The modern traveler is keen to make the most out of every journey, taking home long-lasting memories and personal benefits.

People are more and more looking for the possibility to train regularly. They train at home, at their fitness center, outdoor with the support of specific apps and wearable devices, and of course when they travel both for business or leisure, they look for hotels able to give an answer to their growing attention for fitness and wellness.

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