Building a more sustainable airline

American Airlines is focused on leading the industry on its path to decarbonization.

American Airlines recognizes the responsibility they have to reduce their impact on the planet. As their customers return to the skies, they are focused on leading the industry on its path to decarbonization.

The carrier set a goal to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Learn more about how they plan to achieve it.

American’s key initiatives to reduce emissions

Since 2013, they’ve invested $24 billion in new, more fuel-efficient aircraft, building the youngest fleet among all U.S. network carriers. This means a more modern experience for their customers and a reduced impact to the environment.

Last year they began taking delivery of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) supplied by partner Neste. SAF is made from renewable feedstocks instead of petroleum and emits 75% less carbon over its lifecycle.

As they pursue their long-term goals, they’re offering carbon offsets through a partnership with Cool Effect, a nonprofit organization that applies extra rigor to the process of verifying that each offsetting project they work with meets the highest possible standards.

They’re also partnering with the National Parks Foundation, the first organization to be supported by their new Miles for Our Planet initiative.

American knows that their business has an impact on the environment, but customers can be confident knowing that they are taking steps to protect the planet while getting them where they want to go.

Here’s what American’s partners British Airways, Iberia, and Japan Airlines are doing to reduce carbon emissions.

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