In the news: BCD expert highlights B2C trends in B2B travel

Will Pinnell shares insights into mobile tools.

Will PinnellBusiness-to-consumer trends are seeping into business-to-business travel, explained BCD Travel’s Will Pinnell in a recent article published by industry news site Tnooz.

“Corporate travellers are looking more and more like leisure travellers, and this is a big shift,” said Pinnell, BCD’s vice president for digital product planning. In response, he explained, some companies with high revenue-generating road warriors are embracing the notion of traveller happiness and providing their employees with consumer-like mobile tools, such as BCD’s TripSource.

Not only does TripSource provide the intuitive, time-saving functionality business travellers increasingly demand, it also creates opportunities for firms to influence the behaviour of their employees, Pinnell told Tnooz. For example, companies can use TripSource to educate travellers about bottom-line benefits of staying in a preferred hotel; encourage them to review bills to verify charges; and remind them to contact corporate security when they arrive in high-risk destinations.

Corporate travel managers and their stakeholders are slowly switching from a purely procurement-oriented perspective on costs to a broader view about travel as a business investment and the importance of increasing satisfaction among high-value employees, Pinnell said. He contends that armed with the right travel program strategy and tools, companies can do both—achieve savings and improve the traveller experience.

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