30-second primer: DecisionSource prescriptive analytics

A new prescriptive analytics feature in DecisionSource suggests travel program changes to help BCD Travel clients find ways to trim costs. This capability taps into a company’s historical travel data in three key areas ripe for savings: air cabin class, air advance purchase and online booking adoption.

With a few clicks, a travel buyer can get to the recommendations. DecisionSource works behind the scenes to compare the company’s actual travel patterns against statistical patterns based on BCD Travel benchmarking data. The reporting and analytics platform then prescribes possible improvements that are both realistic and relevant—all in an easy-to-read Potential Savings Summary dashboard.

 Here’s how to get to prescriptive analytics in DecisionSource:

  1. Go to the Analytics tab
  2. Click “What If”
  3. See potential savings
  4. Click any of the three scenarios to modify

Learn more about DecisionSource prescriptive analytics in this one-page quick reference guide.