Sustainability is bigger than carbon footprints

Take a few moments to search sustainability online, and you’ll get more than 2.8 billion results. Search any related terms – Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG); climate action; corporate social responsibility (CSR); or net zero – and the results also number in the hundreds of millions to billions. The takeaway: sustainability is serious business – and it’s time we all think bigger and act more broadly. That’s why BCD’s vision for sustainability – and our definition of it – encompasses many areas, not just carbon footprints.

Sustainability is part of our DNA

Sustainability is embedded in our official vision statement. BCD is focused on influencing change that leads to increased positive social impact and reduced environmental impact. We built a new Sustainability Framework this year to simplify how we think about challenges and identify opportunities to effect change.

Olivia Ruggles-Brise, vice president of Sustainability, BCD
Olivia Ruggles Brise vice president of Sustainability BCD Travel

“As the urgency of the climate crisis increases, and the impacts on people and nature become starker, now is the time to take our sustainability commitments and actions to the next level,” said Olivia Ruggles-Brise, vice president of sustainability at BCD.

Our framework is rooted in four core principles to guide our priorities and drive us to that next level:

  • Beyond carbon – we use a broad definition of sustainability that encompasses wellness; diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); nature and social impact; climate action and more
  • Mindful travel – we aim to build a movement for sustainable travel that empowers and engages travelers to embrace sustainability on the road and at home
  • Industry advocacy – we lead, push for and support solutions that are widely adopted
  • High standards – we continue to seek external validation and certification of our robust products and processes and ensure that we partner with the most credible organizations that support our vision
BCD Travel introduces new Sustainability Framework to help encourage sustainable actions with customers and partners and within the company.

You can learn more about the framework and our current initiatives in our 2023 Sustainability Report.

BCD supports global sustainability organizations and initiatives

It’s working, it’s really working

We don’t do this for accolades, but our achievements and awards are indicators that we’re on the right path: 

Get informed and take action to support sustainability

We invite you to download our 2023 Sustainability Report for more information on our activities, achievements, and progress. We hope you’re inspired to join us on the journey to a sustainable future for our industry, people and planet.

Download the BCD Travel 2023 Sustainability Report

Listen up: Sustainability is more than just being green

In this episode of Connections with BCD Travel, Olivia Ruggles-Brise, VP of Sustainability, explains how sustainability is more than just carbon, emissions and reducing plastics. She discusses the work we’re doing to identify and mitigate risks related to managed travel programs and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns. Learn how sustainability connects to wellness, savings, community engagement, and other areas of our industry.

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