Get help before or after a disrupted trip with BCD’s technology partners

Trip cancellations and other travel delays sometimes are unavoidable, especially in today’s complex travel environment. So, what can travel arrangers and business travelers do when they find themselves facing stressful disruptions? BCD Travel technology partners Lumo and AirHelp may be able to assist. Lumo helps travelers and arrangers plan ahead and fly smarter by predicting travel delays hours to weeks ahead of a trip. AirHelp works to promote and enforce air passenger rights in cases of flight disruptions.

Lumo: Smarter data for smarter travel decisions

Lumo delivers smarter flight data for travelers, airlines, corporate travel, and travel management companies through APIs and web and mobile apps. It uses powerful machine learning algorithms to synthesize airline, weather, air traffic control, and historical data that can predict delays hours to weeks out. This way, users can prepare and proactively manage disruptions. Lumo accurately predicts whether a weather event will significantly delay a traveler’s arrival to a critical meeting. This gives the traveler enough advance notice to rearrange their plans and manage the courtesies with the parties they planned to meet. For travelers, this means avoiding surprises and making better travel decisions. For businesses, it means increased productivity and support for traveler wellbeing and sustainability goals.

Lumo offers three products for travel predictions: the Lumo App for travelers to get predictive and real-time notifications; Lumo Navigator for admins and meetings organizers to view and manage current and predicted disruptions; and Lumo Spotlight for Travel Managers, HR, and Procurement to quantify the impact of disruptions. Spotlight also provides insights into traveler friction, airline performance, and predictive accuracy. Lumo is available in Canada, Europe, Global, North America, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States. Other services include CO2 estimates and travel alerts.

AirHelp: Experts in air passenger rights

When a flight is canceled or delayed, business travelers risk missing a connection or—worse—an important meeting. The disruption also may generate extra costs for meals or hotel stays. But if the flight is departing from a European Union state (the 28 EU countries and Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ice­land, Kosovo, Norway, the former Yugoslav Republic of Mace­donia, Montenegro, Serbia and Switzerland) or arriving in one on an EU carrier, the traveler may be due compensation. AirHelp, the world’s largest passenger rights advocate, simplifies compensation claims for air passengers who experience flight delays, flight cancellations, denied boarding, baggage problems, or missed connections.

AirHelp powers BCD Travel’s air disruption compensation offering. This feature is available with no activation and is automatically turned on for all clients. Travelers who may be eligible for compensation will receive an email from TripSource® that explains their rights and includes a link to a claim submission form from AirHelp. AirHelp will review the claim and let the traveler know if they qualify for compensation and what to do next.

In the U.S., AirHelp also may be able to assist passengers in situations involving denied boarding, tarmac delays, and luggage issues on U.S. domestic flights. In all instances, the process is nearly hassle-free for travelers and travel arrangers.

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