BCD research: What women worry about when traveling

Half of female-identifying travelers surveyed by BCD Travel say they worry about sexual harassment, assault and kidnapping when traveling for work. A Research Snapshot compiled by our Research & Intelligence and Global Crisis Management teams looks at the female perception of risks on a business trip: Where women feel the least safe, what they worry about when traveling for work and steps they take to feel safe.

The insights were collected as part of a Travel Risk Management survey of 674 travelers. The full survey examined travel buyers’ experiences creating and managing their organizations’ TRM programs, including measures that may improve the health, safety and security of business travelers on the road.

What women regularly worry about

Fifty percent (50%) of women surveyed worry most about violent crime such as sexual harassment, assault and kidnapping on work trips, but only 9% carry self-defense tools while traveling. Forty-four percent (44%) worry about public health emergencies, which could be the direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Where women feel the least safe

Sixty percent (60%) of women feel the least safe when walking the streets. Rounding out the top three least safe experiences are driving in unfamiliar locations (56%) and using public transportation (47%) or using taxis or ridesharing services (47%). Sixty-four percent (64%) of women surveyed avoid walking at night and 80% avoid carrying valuables.

Solutions for safety

Organizations should make sure travelers are aware of the company’s travel risk management policy and crisis response actions. Help alleviate travelers’ security concerns by offering travel security training that covers situational awareness, road travel safety and cultural etiquette, as well as pre-trip destination briefings and information.

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