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Travel arranger: Book trips conveniently

Are you responsible for booking travel?

If so, it’s worth considering which booking system would be the best fit for your organization.
Every organization requires its own solution when it comes to booking business travel.
With us, you can choose your preferred booking method or use a combination of both.

  • Carry out the booking yourself (online or on a smartphone)
  • Outsource the entire booking process
  • Use a combination of the above

Carrying out the booking yourself: online or on a smartphone

Do you often book simple tickets? Our online booking tools make it really easy for you to book a business trip yourself. They will provide a single overview, detailing the rates and availability, and the best option will be highlighted. This makes it easy to book your train tickets, vehicles, hotel rooms and flight tickets yourself, while ensuring that your bookings comply with your organization’s travel policy. Of course, for complex travel arrangements, or if you require personal assistance, you’re always welcome to get in touch with one of our travel advisers by e-mail or phone. We provide over 15 online tools, many of which can be linked to other tools that you use, such as HR or expenses systems. Get in touch for professional advice.

Outsourcing your booking to our travel experts

Do you often deal with complex bookings? Or are you simply looking for maximum convenience? Then why not book through one of our in-country offices, by phone or e-mail. We will assign a dedicated travel team that’s fully up to speed with your travel wishes and profile. Our travel advisers will work with you to meet your requirements. They are quick and accurate, and can reduce rates thanks to creative ticketing and planning.