TripSource Hotels

Your travelers want choices, flexibility and convenience. You want a better way to leverage your supplier spend, action intelligence and provide excellent duty of care. TripSource Hotels offers the best of both, with a sophisticated, easy-to-use booking platform with no fees, no contracts and no commitments.

  • Best rates: Your negotiated rates, including preferred hotels, plus rates negotiated by BCD Travel
  • Best selection: Offers a single source for the most GDS and HBA content, meaning you can choose from more than 1.4 million properties worldwide
  • Best experience: Travelers can book with our expert agents or  use the booking feature in their TripSource app and search for in-policy hotels using photo galleries, TripAdvisor ratings and interactive maps to book from their device without sacrificing what they love about mobile access and flexibility

Choose TripSource Hotels for the best rates, the best selection and the best experience.

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