Built for change

Are you (and your TMC) built for change?

Travel means more to your company than booking a plane ticket or hotel room. It’s also about the tools and solutions that help track, manage and guide travelers (and their expenses) through every step of a journey.

Chances are that some part of your travel program will need to change to keep all of those elements working together in the right way.

We are uniquely positioned to help you cope with–and plan for–that change. We build service configurations that meet your needs now and allow for change as your organization evolves.

We offer :

Together with our sister organizations, Advito and BCD Meetings & Events, we can also provide support for category sourcing management and meetings and events management.

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Business travel booking tools

Which tool works for you?

The right booking solution is a key component to program success. You have a lot of options, so we’ll help you choose the ones that make sense for your travelers and your program. And then we’ll integrate them with DecisionSource and your other program tools so they operate in a way that‘s perfect for your unique business needs.

Make sense of all the booking options:

  • Help people book in the ways they prefer
  • Simplify the booking experience
  • Increase traveler satisfaction and productivity

We can help you find the right solution for your business travel program.

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Trip authorization

Are your travelers traveling for the right reasons?

It’s more difficult to fix something after the fact than it is to keep it from happening in the first place. That’s why we show you unusual or non-compliant travel plans before travel takes place.

Trip authorization is an essential way to reduce travel program costs. Our automated process lets you identify any plans you need to look at more closely, like expensive, unusual or high-risk trips. You can avoid unnecessary expenses before they happen.

Our solution (which works for both online and agent bookings) automatically highlights any trips that fall outside your risk or expense criteria before booking. It sends a notification to travel managers and specialist teams – like security and HR – and you can either allow or pause the booking until they respond.

We can help you to make trips effortless.

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Business travel payment methods and solutions

Make your corporate payment solution work harder

Corporate payment solutions make your program run more smoothly and give your travelers easy ways to pay that don’t leave them out of pocket. We work with you to uncover exactly what you need from a new payment provider, or look at whether your current vendor is best for you.

If your payment systems are spread across different suppliers, we integrate them into your program and capture the data you need to see a bigger and more accurate picture of your travel spend. You can compare your actual billings against your reservations to spot non-compliance and identify new opportunities for supplier negotiations.
Improve your payment system and:

  • Make payment easier and more reliable for travelers
  • See your spend more clearly
  • Get better negotiating power with suppliers
  • Automatically allocate expenses to the right cost centers

Contact us and we’ll figure out which payment solution works best for you.

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