COVID-19 Info Hub provides travelers with real-time data


Governments and travel providers are imposing measures to protect people and counter the spread of COVID-19. Travel managers and travelers need a resource to help vet and filter the regulations and requirements coming from different sources. To look up specific requirements, travelers must check various websites, which is time-consuming, with often unreliable outcomes as measures change constantly.


BCD Travel developed its TripSource COVID-19 Info Hub to help travel managers and travelers navigate pandemic travel. BCD partnered with MAX Security, a world-renowned geo-intelligence and risk management solution, to ensure that the COVID-19 Info Hub supplies real-time information to travelers when they need it most – during their search or post booking.


The COVID-19 Info Hub has a search function to get destination and departure restrictions. Once booked, travelers automatically receive trip information via push notifications and in their TripSource trip timeline. It also includes an interactive world map for COVID-19 risk levels and quarantine details and at-a-glance charts to easily compare airlines or hotels across key categories.

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