TripSource earns traveler and industry praise

An array of new features simplifies trips for business travelers.

It has been a year of evolution for BCD Travel’s TripSource®. Over the past 12 months, the mobile app and web platform has added more than 10 new features, and the app has earned three awards for innovation. Some of the enhancements are sizable—like biometric login and flight booking. Others are incremental, such as trip merge capabilities that simplify bleisure trips.

The wave of TripSource changes reflects two important trends:

  • Travel technology is progressing at an ever-faster pace, driven by digital expectations and traveler demands to reduce trip friction and enable self-service across multiple devices.
  • Corporate travel programs are hungry for tools that simplify life on the road for their employees and increase trip—and job—satisfaction.

Companies vying for talent in a today’s tight job market see better business trip experiences as essential to attracting and retaining workers. A recent study from Airlines Reporting Corp. and others supports that strategy. Road warriors traveling under a cost-focused corporate program are twice as likely to consider leaving a company than those whose corporate programs are focused on the traveler’s needs, according to the research.

Tools like TripSource are uniquely positioned to help bridge the happiness gap for business travelers by enhancing the security, convenience and disruption support they’re seeking. Such mobile tools also make it easier for travelers to get policy and program guidance right when they need it (i.e., a pre-trip reminder to use a preferred airport parking vendor). The aim is to remove friction from all aspects of business travel—from pre-trip shopping and booking to post-trip expenses.

TripSource has been able to evolve with digital opportunities and market demands because of a building-block platform designed for adaptability, explained Yannis Karmis, senior vice president of Product Planning & Development for BCD. “When you build things with a modular approach, the cost of investment goes down, and the time to market shrinks. We have the ability to be more agile in innovation, and that’s critically important to our clients and their travelers.”

Among this year’s TripSource enhancements:

Road warriors who travel for business 10 or more times a year use TripSource on most trips. And they like the experience. In a poll of nearly 3,000 TripSource users worldwide, more than 75% of respondents gave the app a rating of 4 or higher out of 5. Plus, TripSource users regularly give TripSource 4.7 out of five stars in Apple’s and Google’s app store ratings.

TripSource’s innovations have earned third-party recognition, too. The app recently won the 2018 International Business Awards’ Gold Stevie® in the travel category, largely for usability and the value it brings to business travelers. One judge described TripSource as a “great way to streamline the travel process.” Earlier this year, the app earned a Best Mobile App Award, and late last year it took home the Web Marketing Association’s Outstanding Mobile App Award.

Traveler-centric TripSource innovations on tap for 2019 include a significantly redesigned user experience that will make it easier for travelers to book, self-serve and easily get the information they need on the go.

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