Mike Janssen

Global Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer

Partnerships and smart investments not only fuel business growth, but also allow us to continue providing exceptional products and services to our clients.

Mike oversees the company’s operational and technological functions across the globe to drive innovation and efficiency. As global chief commercial officer, he’s responsible for BCD’s commercial strategy and for aligning the marketing, sales, product development and customer-service activities that foster business growth and increase market share.

Since joining BCD Travel in 1993, Mike has been instrumental in shaping, strengthening and growing the company and contributing to its global success. He’s led account management, finance, operations and supplier relations teams with outstanding results — setting ambitious goals and ensuring operational excellence. His commitment to delivering customer value helped generate US$7.75 billion in annual turnover in 2013 from operations he oversaw in Canada, Latin America and the U.S. He played a central role in the acquisition of TBiz, and he’s been key to establishing and maintaining strong partners, owned operations, affiliates and joint ventures — notably the 2013 partnership in Brazil.

Prior to joining BCD Travel, Mike held management roles with AON Corp., Unisys Corp. and Peterson Consulting.