Michele Lawley

President, Europe

At BCD Travel, we ethically manage our environmental, social and financial responsibilities to ensure our ongoing business success. As part of that responsibility, we are committed to supporting our clients with products and services to help them build their own sustainable travel program initiatives.

Michèle Lawley leads BCD Travel in Europe as President of European Operations, overseeing sales strategy, service delivery, program management, and client relationships across an extensive team of people throughout Europe.

Michele also serves as Executive Vice President of BCD Media & Entertainment, helping members of the film, television, sports, and music industries navigate the globe seamlessly. She has been with the company and its predecessors in the UK and Ireland since 1984.

In her decades-long career, Michèle has spearheaded the launch and implementation of numerous BCD programs, adapting them to meet the needs of various clients in the UK and Ireland and changes within the industry. She’s contributed to the wider organization having the highest client retention rate in the industry. 

The organization’s success in Europe is built on the stellar work of its teams. In her roles, Michèle works to encourage creative thinking, deliver ongoing and constructive feedback to foster development, and facilitate mentoring collaborations whenever possible.

Michèle values and understands the need for an inclusive and multicultural environment, particularly in Europe, and is proud that BCD has also made this part of its corporate culture.

Michèle is married with two children and lives in London.