April Bridgeman

Senior Vice President, BCD Travel and Managing Director, Advito 

The time to change is now. Traditional sourcing yields diminishing returns while travelers are increasingly booking outside of the program. A modern, dynamic approach with a focus on Traveler Engagement can bring people in, give them confidence and satisfaction, and lead to significant savings beyond sourcing.

April Bridgeman is a longtime road warrior with unmatched passion for the business traveler experience. She has a clear vision for travel-related solutions that blend into today’s mobile and socially connected lifestyles. April loves to collaborate with clients to incorporate unique behavior management strategies and newly available intelligence & analytics to drive corporate travel programs across new horizons.

As managing director of Advito, April heads BCD Travel’s global consultancy unit, inventing new best practices in corporate travel management. She is known for taking concepts and turning them into reality. Under her guidance, Advito continues to develop new practice areas and deep analytics that vastly increase the value of travel programs.

As senior vice president of BCD Travel, April leads the team behind BCD Travel’s hotel offering, Stay by BCD Travel. In this role, she is often tapped to meet with clients for her unique skill set, experience and capacity to innovate managed travel programs. In her previous role as senior vice president of strategic marketing, she led BCD Travel’s product planning, product marketing and emerging technologies teams.

Before joining the BCD Travel team, April was a management consultant with Deloitte for over eight years, providing strategy and operations consulting. April earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics and German, a Master of Health Services Administration and a Master of Applied Economics from the University of Michigan. She is based in Chicago, Illinois.