Magnify duty of care

Erm traveler care

Integrated technology and services that magnify your ability to care for travelers throughout their trip. Know where your travelers are. Get them out of harm’s way. And retain complete control of your duty of care program all the time.


Care for your ERM travelers throughout their trip

When crises occur, you can rely on BCD ERM’s duty of care solution to identify, alert and request a response from your impacted travelers. And when illnesses or mishaps happen, we work until your traveler is secure. Our program is comprehensive, and provides risk assessments and traveler tracking. Our specialist team however can talk to you about some of the common issues associated with ERM travel like one-way tickets, unique accommodations, as well as evacuation and repatriation services. We will customize a program with you, so you know where your people are.

Well-planned emergency response proves the value of partnership

Having the right partners and the right plan gets you through a crisis. That travel industry truism was put to the test when a Texas-based electric and natural gas provider responded to a hurricane and subsequent floods that swamped Houston.


How BCD Travel helps

A partner like BCD Travel can help your company meet duty of care requirements with experienced advice, specialized services, and simple and innovative solutions.

  • Industry-leading real-time data about your travelers in DecisionSource®
  • Security reports with the push of a button
  • Interactive world maps to visualize traveler locations
  • 24/7 worldwide emergency service
  • Automated and relevant incident updates
  • Traveler alerts and messages via TripSource®
  • “I’m safe” traveler responses via TripSource