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“Connections with BCD Travel” is a new podcast for travel buyers to help them take control and drive change within their travel program. Download and subscribe on any podcast platform.

The best podcast for travel buyers

Connections with BCD Travel is co-hosted by BCD’s Chad Lemon, digital strategist, and Miriam Moscovici, vice president, Partnerships and Intelligence. The podcast helps connect clients, future clients, peers and colleagues with our SMEs in an anytime, anywhere format. The Connections podcast is education mixed with humor mixed with tangible insights, tips and guidance.

Meet the hosts

Chad Lemon

Chad is a digital strategist and product marketer for BCD. He’s built a career in communications, marketing and sales management by balancing tactical abilities with creativity and big-picture thinking. Ask him about the best way to order espresso.

Miriam Moscovici

Miriam leads the team devoted to using research and the power of partnership to deliver product and service improvements for managed travel programs. Her provocative communication style keeps her in high demand as an industry speaker and panelist. She once shared an elevator with an Oscar-winning actress.

Connections is another layer of value-added service, provided free to BCD clients and prospects,” said Moscovici. “In every episode, you’ll find at least one actionable item you can take back and use for your program.”

Six Connections episodes are available now:

  • Delivering the right hotel content – and why that sometimes mean shrinking the program
  • Bodyguards, armored cars and other duty of care concerns
  • Travel data: Why it’s time to stop admiring it and start using it
  • Digital payments: From baby steps to full speed strategy
  • The future-fit traveler strategy: Paying attention to traveler experiences can pay off in a major way
  • Purposeful travel, travel wellness and other business travel trends to take seriously


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