How to overcome the 8-second attention span

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In today’s distracted world, companies have about eight seconds to capture someone’s attention. For business travelers, that attention span can be even shorter, warns Lesley O’Bryan, senior director of emerging practices for Advito in the business travel consulting firm’s latest Out Front blog. Travelers on the road are emailing during meetings, Skyping across time zones and dialing into the office from the airport or the car. Which begs the question: Why do corporate travel programs communicate with their travelers as if they have their full and undivided attention?

The status quo isn’t working — just consider how compliance and program savings have plateaued. So, what can a travel manager do? O’Bryan says the solution lies in engaging your travelers through well-planned messages that are strategic about what, when, how and where you communicate. Traveler engagement is a means to an end, she contends, and the end is your company’s bottom line.

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