A business traveler in focus: Top celebrity hairstylist Antonio Axu

We asked top celebrity hairstylist Antonio Axu, based in Stockholm, about his travel style.

A huge crystal chandelier greets visitors entering the salon of top celebrity hairstylist Antonio Axu. Beyond the glamorous interior, you’ll find a genuine man, down to earth with a tremendous passion for his craft.

Antonio is based in Stockholm, Sweden, but has clients all over the world. He travels to Singapore and Los Angeles often and will soon add Denmark to his list of frequent destinations, following the recent launch of his hair product line there.  We asked Antonio about his travel style.

What’s your favorite travel gadget for business trips?

Well, I don’t really have a specific “favorite gadget.”  I lose things. Once, I brought a book with me but forgot it on the plane. In general, I always pack nice shoes and formalwear in case I need to be dressed up for an event. Apart from that, I’m more of a jeans and shorts guy.

Strongest memory of a business trip?

I once  had to extend a trip, and the only hotel available was this airport hotel. I squeezed into a room the size of a sardine box.

What do you do to make your business trips more sustainable/green?

I prefer to take the train or bus but, it doesn´t always work with my tight schedule and destinations.

When was the last time you combined a business trip with some days off?

I took my first bleisure trip in 2016 where I combined one week work with one week vacation. I’ve done the same thing every year since then. This summer, I had three weeks off without any work commitments  ̶  simply 100 % holiday.

Who would you love to sit next to during a long-haul flight?

A very intelligent person whom I can learn something from or a very funny and entertaining person; time flies when you’re having fun.

What are your most important requirements for the hotel you use for business trips?

There needs to be Wi-Fi connection and a gym.

What is your best advice to keep the hair healthy when travelling/flying?

  • Apply moisturizer
  • Don’t use hairspray
  • Let your hair out. The air is quite dry in air planes and hair needs moisture.

What’s the one thing you wish your team understood about your business trips? 

They need to know that I am always connected and “WhatsApp” is the app where to find me. Other than that, nothing specific since I am doing all exclusive client bookings by myself and with that the flight bookings.

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