What’s slowing China’s return to travel?

Travel demand in China skyrocketed after the government fully reopened the borders. Chinese travelers are keen to resume trips, and many want their next trip to be international. But issues like passport renewals and visa requirements are causing friction. Jonathan Kao, Managing Director for BCD Travel China, explains what we’re likely to see over the next six months.

With borders now open, Chinese travelers are experience lengthy delays for passport renewals and visa applications.


  • Quarantine is no longer required for inbound travelers to China.
  • Demand is high for family reunions and urgent business matters.
  • 40% of Chinese travelers said they want they want their next trip to be international.
  • Australia, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, and New Zealand top travelers’ wish lists.
  • More than 20 million Chinese passports have expired since 2020. Agencies will need months to play catch up.
  • Visa processing centers are overwhelmed. The earliest available appointments are in July.

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