Rejoignez nous : des histoires vraies sur le travail et la vie chez BCD Travel

Découvrez l’expérience de Laura, Johana, Patrick et d’autres vivent le travail et la vie dans une société de gestion de voyages internationale comme BCD Travel ! Vous découvrirez ce qui les rend heureux et engagés. Vous êtes également intéressé par une carrière chez BCD ? Rejoignez le voyage !

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You’ve got to live life. That’s why at BCD Travel we focus on a flexible work-life balance that makes sure our people can combine our passion for helping companies travel smart and achieve more – with all the other passions that make them unique.

Many of us work remotely. But our offices are a great place to connect, collaborate and celebrate. Get to know our Barcelona hub!

Companies ask their people to travel for business for different reasons. To sell, to buy, to network, to learn. But we believe it all comes down to the importance of face-to-face connections. As a leading travel management company – and as people who care – we make those connections happen.

What powers our passion for what we do? Let’s ask the team.
What does Life at BCD mean to you?

Hi I’m Laura
For me, working at BCD Travel means diversity.
It’s the possibility of meeting people from all over the world. In fact, we have more than 30 nationalities in the company.
It means being able to break down borders, break down prejudices and in the end, at BCD Travel, it doesn’t matter where you come from… are always welcome.

Hey Guys, my name is Jules
and working for BCD Travel for me means working for a well-known international company and having a great work-life balance. Meaning that you can work from wherever you are at any time.

Hello my name is Patrick
and life at BCD for me, is being able to contact my colleagues at any time, no matter where they are based, to develop new skills with an aim to do what is right and not just what is easy.

Hi I’m Joana,
BCD is a challenging and dynamic job which always helps me to learn and grow. BCD offers a lot of opportunities so that I can develop into a professional travel expert!

Hi I’m Alex
The twelve years working for BCD have meant personal and professional growth for me.
I started out working for our Spanish region, but I am now responsible for all of EMEA.
And one of the things that I find most fulfilling, professionally and personally, is the international atmosphere that I experience, on a daily basis, at BCD.

In just one word: Why BCD?

Family, flexibility, work-life balance, dynamic, cool, growth, trustworthy, environment, valued, growth opportunities, chillWorking at BCD means connecting, collaborating and celebrating. Together, we’re making a difference for our clients and colleagues. And we’re still making time for our families, our friends and our own wellbeing.
Because when we feel happy, healthy and socially connected, we ultimately thrive at work.

By the way – these aren’t actors. They’re your future colleagues. So join the journey, and live life at BCD

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