In the news: The pandemic didn’t stop the show for BCD Media & Entertainment

From feuding tiger keepers to beloved superheroes, film and TV productions helped keep us entertained during the lockdown months of the pandemic. Helen Williams, a Commercial Program Manager for BCD Media & Entertainment, sat down with Business Traveller magazine to recount how her team navigated COVID restrictions to help support those crews as they traveled.

BCD Travel advances three finalists in GBTA Ladders competition

BCD Travel’s Jamie Meek (United States), Katherine Tomasi (U.S.) and Nick Dewey (United Kingdom) will compete in an intense (but friendly) competition for big ideas during the 2022 GBTA Ladders Summit May 16-18 in Nashville, Tenn. The goal: To present the best potential solution for a challenge in the business travel industry.

How to spring clean your business travelers’ profiles

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your garage. Now is the time to give your traveler profile database a good scrub down. Things happen: travelers retire or leave the company; organizations reorganize workforces; and employees who used to travel won’t do so in the future. Updating traveler profile information should happen at least annually and will require action from travelers and travel managers.

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