3 ways a TMC improves travel efficiency

Each company has its own challenges and nuances, making each travel program unique. Using a Travel Management Company (TMC) can provide significant benefits for businesses with a large number of employees who travel for work. A trusted travel partner can unlock the potential in your travel program, improve the efficiency of your staff and your business as a whole.

1. Access better content, without the hassle

TMCs leverage their relationships with suppliers to deliver efficiencies and savings. From airlines to accommodation, to ground transportation and rail suppliers, they access and distribute the content you need to drive savings in your program. They also have dedicated travel teams who are trained to seek out the best deals and discounted offers on your key routes and support this service with a best fare guarantee. This means that you can be confident that your employees have access to the best possible travel options, tailored to your unique business needs.

2. Save time with streamlined bookings

TMCs often offer online booking tools (OBTs) that allow for quick and easy end-to-end bookings for air, hotel, rail, and car hire. These tools typically have pre-saved traveller information and in-built travel policy settings, making it easy for travel bookers to book travel accurately and efficiently. In addition, many TMCs offer intuitive technology solutions, such as mobile apps that provide notifications and reminders throughout the traveller’s journey.

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3. Seamless payment solutions

A recent BCD survey shows more than 50% of customers struggle with missing invoices, receipts, credit card reconciliations, and managing the quality of expense and spend data. More than 25% of companies face challenges managing payments for meetings, events, and non-employee travel, with the changing post-COVID hybrid workplace increasing the complexity around payments and expense management for infrequent travellers.

They want a seamless payment and expense process that saves time and eliminates the need for paper receipts and the back and forth of the approval process. This all starts with digital payment, which has increased in demand with the pandemic. Innovation like, BCD Pay™, is a suite of solutions that use artificial intelligence, machine learning and open APIs to simplify, digitize and automate corporate travel payment, reconciliation, and invoice management for its clients.

For travellers and travel managers, simplicity is the theme. Engaging a TMC can provide significant benefits for businesses with large numbers of travelling employees. TMCs offer access to better content, streamlined booking processes, and seamless payment solutions, all of which can improve the efficiency of your staff and your business.