Why is business travel necessary in the digital age?

In a fast expanding digital age, many are questioning the future of corporate travel.

Based on research by the London School of Economics, the more a group of people work virtually, the less effective it will be. One of the immediate objectives of business travel is to communicate knowledge and views. Studies have shown that sharing understanding between people can be a slow process. As such, it is vital to physically move the person (and, therefore, the knowledge) to different locations to speed up the process.

Corporate travel is undertaken for different reasons. It is not only to bargain or confirm business deals. Business travellers also come in many forms. Business trips can draw together teams to build relationships and share their feedback with more groups operating remotely or scattered over long distances or varying time zones.

Assembling in person for a conference, for instance, might permit each team an understanding of their differing challenges, facilitate a more robust understanding of each silo’s position within the business, and encourage breakthroughs that will form a more efficient workplace in the future.

When travel constraints lift, companies that depend on digital meetings might lose to competitors who opt to get their teams travelling again.

Whether you are a small-business owner or the travel manager for a large corporate, coordinating business travel is often time-consuming. Traveler preferences and concerns are changing every day, and travel policies need to be updated accordingly. Providing the freedom to decide to travel or not and for how long, favoring direct flights instead of connecting itineraries, taking good care of traveler health and wellbeing – these and many more aspects will need to be considered. As travel gradually ramps up, understanding both the company goals and the needs of a new traveler is a crucial task for travel managers.

What can you do to ensure your travel procedures are clear, efficient, and flexible in the post-pandemic world? Travel managers and coordinators won’t be alone amid the changes concerning business travel. Our account managers, your trusted advisers, help you to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing business travel industry.