How AI is Changing the Travel Industry

In recent years, employees have been given greater freedom over the location of their daily work, and many have made good use of this liberty. According to our July 2021 survey of 738 travelling employees, 25% would like to move to another city or country and work remotely. With remote workers increasingly coming on the radar of travel managers, it may be time to rethink travel risk management strategies and practices.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) gauges that air passengers will grow from 4 billion to nearly 8 billion by 2036. However, the unforeseen Covid 19 pandemic has impacted the travel industry.


It’s essential to provide employees with the relevant information about their location, be it the destination for a business trip or their remote working place, temporarily or permanently. Travel alerts can be helpful for both employee groups and need to be delivered timely to all impacted worker groups.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), business travel solutions can better correspond to travellers’ tastes with inventories that satisfy company travel policies. AI can further support travellers on the road when they need help outside the booking process.

AI enhances the strategic value of your travel program

Executives base their best business decisions on numbers. The Advito intelligent business travel solution provides insights into program performance that allow you to adjust supplier and traveller engagement strategies in real-time.

Here are five key types of data Advito uses to enhance your travel program:

  • Supplier sustainability data
  • Traveller wellness data
  • Travel demand estimates
  • Shopping data
  • Consumer market data

The bottom line is that incorporating data sources into your travel program will render more value for your internal stakeholders, compel meaningful insights, enhance your program’s sustainability, and exponentially boost performance levels.

Yet, it’s tough to envision a case in business travel where AI will eradicate the need for human intervention or contact. Ideally, AI will be leveraged and then employ humans in higher value-add positions for the traveller – in the right way and at the right time.

For more information on how our solution could positively impact your travel risk management strategies, contact your local Rennies BCD Travel specialist today.