Top tips for planning an international trip

As international travel starts to bounce back, it’s vital to make sure you’re prepared for your journey. Business trips are important, and planning your trip effectively will help you to arrive at your destination relaxed, making you more likely to create a good impression and concentrate on the purpose of your meeting. At Rennies BCD Travel, our travel experts have compiled a checklist to help you plan for a smooth and successful trip.

1.  Plan ahead and be flexible.

Complying with your companies travel policy is the first step in the planning process. Once you have this information, you should try to book as far in advance as possible to make the experience hassle-free. Also consider whether leaving a day earlier allows you to arrive at your first meeting better rested and prepared. Or choose a flight that has wi-fi will enable you to work on the go.

Using a travel management company to book flights, hotels, and car rentals means you have the assistance of a professional to help you find the best options for your trip. It also means that if something unforeseen happens on your trip, you can rest easy that your Travel Consultant will be on hand to manage alternative plans for you. Once you depart on your trip, the value of the support you’ll receive while on the road is crucial – we operate 24 hours and our emergency call centre to make sure you are never alone.

2.  Get your documentation in order.

Traveling between countries requires a valid passport, travel tickets and sometimes a visa. Some embassies can take weeks to issue a visa, so don’t leave this part of the planning for the last minute. It is also prudent to ensure that your passport has enough pages for visa stamps, and that it is valid for at least six months after the end of your trip.

We have a specialist division dedicated to expediting visas for seamless travel arrangements. Our team is adept at fast-tracking urgent applications and will ensure that you have the correct visas for your travel plans so that if you’re doing several stopovers in different countries, all your visa concerns are taken care of.  

3.  Use suppliers’ amenities.

Choose travel suppliers who offer options that will make your travel experience more enjoyable. For example, many airlines offer priority boarding or airport lounges to use for those unexpected delays. As a business traveller, some hotels may serve breakfast too late for your early start, so make sure your hotel offers room service. You will also want to access free Wi-Fi.

4.  Prioritise safety.

As a travel management company, Rennies BCD Travel is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of our travellers. In the event of global disruptions like unanticipated riots or natural disasters, we’ll keep you informed about your travellers’ whereabouts and safety. We’ll also check for health advisories and travel warnings before you travel and advise you on any vaccinations or medical precautions you may need to take. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website is a valuable resource for updated information on vaccinations and shots required for countries affected by typhoid fever, malaria, and dengue.

5.  Don’t forget the non-essentials.

Staying productive on your trip will really make your travel time really count. In addition to your laptop/ tablet, remember to pack universal power adapters.

On board, a travel pillow and an empty water bottle can all make your trip more comfortable and convenient. Pack a lightweight change of clothes, a toothbrush, and a deodorant stick in your carry-on bag, so you can freshen up even if your luggage is delayed.

Taking time to prepare for, and plan your business trip will help you to optimize your chances of a enjoyable and productive trip.