Automation boosts traveller engagement and drives efficiencies


Our client required a highly bespoke consultant service but wanted a solution to streamline and automate processes in the travel ecosystem. We built customised processes and platform integrations to create a more automated workflow, while enhancing the traveller experience.


We focussed on four key processes:

  1. Simplifying and improving the traveller We implemented a mobile Customer Engagement Platform to provide a single point of access to the travel programmme and standardise the booking process.
  2. Setting up an HR feed. This automatically updates traveller information and provides a more accurate view of spend based on cost centre and project
  3. Automating approval. We shaped our integrated approval system to fit the unique needs of the client to enhance policy compliance. Trips can be approved or declined quickly and easily, via email or on the platform, ensuring enhanced control over travel spend.
  4. Streamlining the Finance process. The clients finance teams receive EDI files and Accrual Files that are automatically uploaded to their financial Finance matching and submission for payment to the vendor is done without any manual intervention.


✓ For the business, this provides better visibility and control of expenses, drives process efficiency, and enables travel managers to deliver consistent traveller ✓ For the traveller, bringing travel into one workflow makes life a lot simpler because they don’t need to toggle between different tools and ✓ The solution can also plug into any future integration that the client