BCD Travel launches SolutionSource

Platform opens the door to new technologies for BCD clients.

BCD Travel has launched a new product platform, SolutionSource. It’s a travel technology marketplace that gives BCD clients an advantage by making it easy for them to discover and integrate solutions.

Travel managers and sourcing executives can go to SolutionSource to shop for leading third-party travel technology solutions that optimize spend, manage risk, minimize disruptions, influence traveler behavior, boost program efficiency and more. Companies can choose technologies with confidence because all SolutionSource offerings have been vetted and authorized to plug into BCD-managed programs.

“Our open ecosystem allows technology providers to integrate with our proprietary platforms to create a seamless travel management experience,” said Yannis Karmis, BCD’s senior vice president of product strategy and development.

Irina Matz, director of product planning for the travel management company, explained the benefits for technology providers: “SolutionSource supplies a platform to integrate their solutions and grow their reach within BCD’s global client base.”

Freebird, Rocketrip, Fairfly and Yapta are among the initial SolutionSource Authorized Partners. Additional providers will join the marketplace throughout 2018.

“It’s a tremendous time for innovation in travel,” Karmis said. “By opening SolutionSource’s platform, we open the door to emerging technologies for our clients.”

SolutionSource is BCD’s third product platform. The portfolio also includes TripSource®, a platform to increase traveler engagement, and DecisionSource®, a platform to use travel data to drive intelligent programs.

Learn how SolutionSource speeds up business travel innovation. Ask how BCD Travel can help your program add technologies that drive improvement.

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