Travel policy – 4 ways to reduce traveller risk

When your workers travel for business, their safety is paramount. Before they consider heading off on their trips, you and your travellers must be mindful of the risks.

For peacefulness and welfare of all involved and to uphold your duty of care policy, it helps to prioritise your risks in line with intensity and occurrence.

Who is at risk?

It is critical to know your traveller profiles when determining who is at risk. What is the health of the travelling employee? Do they need medical care throughout the trip? What are their gender and religion? Do these aspects place them at heightened risk in the destination country?

Are there any particular travel hazards?

Inspect every phase of the trip – from travel to the airport, air travel, ground transportation, accommodation, food safety, meeting venue, and country/city requirements. Are there any high risks linked with the country and climate the worker will visit? What about illness or disease, natural disasters, and crime rates?

What control measures must we put in place?

Use a risk matrix to determine the level of risk by evaluating the probability against the impact of the various travel risks. Determine which control benchmarks to use and what steps to take. We define control measures as the 4Ts – Treat, Transfer, Terminate, Tolerate.

How do we educate and inform business travellers?

Develop risk standards and guidelines to help your travellers understand travel risks. Ensure employees are aware of the threats they may face at any time and anywhere. Travellers must know where to find essential details about COVID, civil unrest, severe weather events, terrorism, economic risks, cybersecurity violations and other disturbances.

Guidelines should include:

  • Awareness and education
  • Safety procedures
  • Preferred partners and approved processes
  • An assessment of international travel requirements like health passports and quarantine restrictions.

Traveller safety

Risk and turmoils can transpire at any time. Share these practical guides with your travellers to help them manage their security at each journey stage.

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