7 Tips for a relaxing business flight

When you travel for business your employer generally expects a lot from you . Hassle-free travel leads to happy travellers. Making the most of your onboard experience will help you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to work. Here are some tips to maximise your comfort onboard.

Personal comfort

Update your traveller profile

Each traveller is unique. Understanding and accommodating those differences make life on the road—and far from home—more comfortable and productive. That’s why it’s imperative to make sure your travel profile is updated regularly. This way we can ensure you get your favourite seat or meal onboard to start you off on the right foot.

Protect your ears

Your ears are sensitive to air pressure and cannot regulate rapid changes during takeoff. Take an antihistamine, munch on gum, and use earplugs to safeguard your ears. Once you’re in the air, you can unwind and take that long-awaited snooze.

Stay warm

The location and altitude of the aeroplane and how many passengers turned the air conditioning on or off affect the cabin atmosphere. It’s best to wear layers, particularly on longer flights, to remain comfortable.

Health and hygiene


Did you know that your body dehydrates faster when you are way up in the air? It’s essential to keep hydrated, especially on a long, international flight. Our experts recommend that you drink at least one cup of water every hour, even if you frustrate yourself and other passengers by frequenting the bathroom.

Sparkling water or sodas are not compatible with high air altitudes. They can inflate your intestinal tract, causing uneasiness, undesirable gas, and burps. Try drinking water or juice for the course of your flight.

Blood circulation

Flying impacts our bodies’ circulation and can induce swelling in your feet and legs. Do in-seat stretches and make sure that you get up and walk around when you have an opportunity. It will help your blood flow and avoid puffiness.

Cabin noises

Nobody wants to tolerate the loud chitchat of other passengers, crying babies, or loud sneezes. Avoid the annoyance and commotion by remembering to pack some noise-cancelling headphones or silicone earplugs to thwart the noise.

Air sickness

Most people hate turbulence, especially if they’re anxious flyers. Turbulence can cause nervousness, lightheadedness and nausea. If you don’t fare well with turbulence, remember to choose a seat above the wing of the plane and prevent the back, as that’s where you’ll experience it the most. Morning flights are most promising to avoid turbulence because the day’s heat has not yet risen, which lessens the chances of wind and storms.

Travel smart

With Rennies BCD Travel by your side, you can travel smart and achieve better results. Flag the blog on our website and visit back for all your business travel news and information.