3 benefits of using an online booking tool
3 benefits of using an online booking tool

If you’re weighing up the benefits and drawbacks of using an Online Booking Tool (OBT) for your business travel arrangements, we can make it simple for you. Whether you’re a travel manager or a traveller, the benefits of doing it this way are many.

It saves time

And, of course, time is money, so anything that efficiently lets you move on quickly to other tasks will translate into savings. Responses in the online environment are almost instant – you can book flights, accommodation, and car rental in about 3 minutes, depending on the speed of approval and complexity of the routing. Lastly, you get to plan and book travel at a time that’s convenient to you, 24/7 and the advantage is that travellers then book longer in advance, which often means lower airfares.

It’s cost-effective

The financial advantages of online booking versus traditional offline bookings are many. For instance, the transaction fee of a booking you make online is much lower than those made through a travel consultant. Another cost advantage is that travellers are more likely to book a cheaper fare as the cost difference is visually presented, which drives “visual guilt.” In some instances, travellers have to substantiate why they are not choosing the cheapest available fare, which often means better options are opted.

It improves travel policy compliance

The system can be configured to restrict users from booking travel that is not compliant. You can influence travellers to make the best decisions by only showing content from preferred suppliers or removing options that are above price limits. If required, it will trigger an approval request if the in-policy options have sold out or don’t meet the specific travel needs.

How do you encourage use of an OBT in your environment?

If you’re a travel manager, create ambassadors for the technology by sharing why it works for those who use the OBT. Survey travellers and bookers who already book online and communicate these results to generate influence. Why do they find this method convenient? What are the benefits to them? Translate these into tangible wins that have meaning – e.g. time-saving, access to information instantly, peace of mind etc.

You could also mandate that bookings for certain destinations be made online or request that travellers make hotel reservations via the online booking tool. So ensure that adequate support and training on the business OBT are available, and it won’t be a giant leap.

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