Tips for a stress-free flight

Preparation and the right travel apps make flying easier for business travelers, says BCD Travel’s Serge Sadzo, senior director of Marketing & Communications in EMEA and a frequent flier. Here are some of his top tips:

  • Give your travel department as much advance notice as possible so your travel agent can arrange a flight that fits your preferences.
  • Use BCD Travel’s Tripsource® to store pertinent trip details.
  • Save time by eating breakfast or dinner at the airport.
  • Pack for comfort and convenience on long-haul flights.


“I begin my preparations by requesting my flights in good time from our internal travel department and stating my wishes,” Sadzo said. “When I fly within Europe I prefer to leave early in the morning and return late in the evening. This allows plenty of time for talks and meetings on the travel days.“


“Since I’ve been using TripSource, I have rarely needed any other travel apps. I can run quickly through my travel schedules and share these with my wife. I have all the info I need, such as the flight number, gate, departure time, arrival time and seat number. It sends me a reminder to check in online, and I receive push messages with important updates, such as gate changes or flight delays. I can even use the app to book a hotel. Booking flights via the app will be possible in the near future, and I am looking forward to this.”

Checking in

“I create a reminder in my calendar for checking in online, and I also receive a reminder via TripSource. The sooner you check in, the greater the choice of seats. I like to sit on the aisle so that I have more room to move, and I can work on my laptop.”

At the airport

“I eat breakfast and dinner at the airport whenever possible as this saves time. The airport shops often have special bargains, such as low-priced designer clothing. [Travelers may be able to] take advantage of tax-free benefits in addition to extra discounts. In Abu Dhabi, I once used the sauna in the lounge area. I don’t do that kind of thing very often, but it’s a nice way to treat yourself when traveling.

“Wi-Fi is an absolute must while you wait for your flight. But at some airports you have to follow a number of steps and enter personal details, and sometimes you are bombarded with sponsor messages. In such cases, I always use a separate email address so that any advertising is sent to that address.”

On a long-haul flight

“In my cabin bag, I pack my laptop and a smaller bag that contains important items, such as my phone charger, a power bank, an international adapter and medicine. I use ear plugs and an eye mask to help me sleep.”

Photo location: Antwerp International Airport, which offers business travelers many advantages such as fast check-ins, short walking distances, inexpensive parking and proximity to the city center.