BCD’s remote work experts on how to run the best virtual meeting

BCD Travel’s top tips for planning and attending a virtual meeting or conference.

As business trips and in-person appointments are being restricted by unusually high travel risks, more companies and workers are turning to virtual meetings and other alternative collaboration options. BCD Travel, which has seven times been named a top company for remote work, offers these tips to virtual meeting organizers and attendees.

For meeting organizers

  1. Set an agenda for your virtual meeting in the same way you would for an in-person appointment.
  2. Specify whether you’ll be using audio and/or video functionality for the conference or meeting.
  3. Share a list of attendee names ahead of the meeting. Consider listing participants’ company names and job functions in case invitees haven’t been previously introduced.
  4. When possible, distribute event documents prior to its start to help prepare participants and facilitate discussions.

Encourage virtual collaboration

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For meeting attendees

  1. Familiarize yourself with virtual meeting technology before the meeting begins. Join the call early to allow time to resolve technology glitches.
  2. Dress appropriately (at least from the waist up).
  3. Inspect your surroundings. Remember that the camera displays you and your background. Tip: Some technologies offer a “blur background” feature to disguise your surroundings but not your face.
  4. Don’t multitask. Actively participate in the conversation. Forego reading emails, texts or social media posts.
  5. Set your mobile phone alert to silent.
  6. Mute your microphone anytime you’re not speaking to help limit background noise.
  7. Refrain from eating during the meeting.

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