2020 Survival Kit offers tips, insights and solutions for today’s travel risks

Get tips and tools for guiding your corporate travel program through disease outbreaks, economic uncertainty, cyber threats and more.

The COVID-19 coronavirus is top of mind for every corporate travel buyer, but other business travel hazards haven’t disappeared.  To create a truly holistic approach, your travel program must address all types of risk.

That’s why BCD Travel’s 2020 Travel Risk Survival Kit doesn’t just look at disease outbreaks. It also explores how economic shifts, cybercrime, natural disasters and more affect your business travel spend and the well-being and productivity of your travelers.

Download the report for guidance on how what’s ahead and solutions for mitigating risks, including:

Health and safety risks

Outbreaks of deadly diseases are becoming the new normal, according to the World Health Organization. The COVID-19 coronavirus is the latest example of how climate change, highly mobile populations and weak governments are making outbreaks of widespread diseases more likely. Discover ways to reduce risks to your employees and your company.

Economic risks

Find out how the coronavirus, trade wars, Brexit and other economic factors are driving economic shifts and how your corporate program can navigate the changes.

Geo-political risks

More than half of business travel professionals expect geopolitical threats to disrupt travel in 2020. How might political unrest and terrorist attacks affect your travelers and your program performance? Learn what companies like Domino’s are doing to mitigate risks.

Fraud and cyber risks

The typical organization loses 5% of annual revenue to fraud—an even more unsettling scenario when budgets are tight. More stringent booking policies and automated tools can go a long way in protecting your company and your travelers from the bad guys.

Check out the 2020 Travel Risk Survival Kit, part of BCD’s Inform series, for strategic guidance on what’s ahead and how to mitigate risks, manage through crises and keep travelers safe and informed.[/vc_column_text]

Is your travel program ready for risk?

The Traveler Security Program Assessment by BCD Travel helps you gauge whether your risk management plans are comprehensive enough for today’s hazards.


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