Video: Advito’s savings calculator helps travel buyers cut costs

Travel buyers looking for program savings can quickly identify opportunities using Advito’s savings calculator, unveiled at the 2017 GBTA Convention, July 15-19 in Boston.

At the convention, Advito Managing Director April Bridgeman talked to GBTA’s Caitlin Gomez about how travel managers can use the calculations to show their corporate leaders that it’s possible to cut costs, while also improving traveler satisfaction and safety.

How it works: Travel managers input a few stats into the calculator. An algorithm produces estimated savings opportunities with related talking points. Travel buyers get immediate insight into ways they could cut costs by managing demand, traveler behavior and category spend differently.

Sample results: The calculator shows that most companies can reduce or redirect up to 4% of their total travel spend by replacing just 10% of internal trips with virtual collaboration.

Learn more about how virtual collaboration can offer a 15-to-1 return on investment and whether Advito’s new Demand and Behavior Management practice can help improve savings and performance of your travel program.