GBTA recap: Expert advice from the conference

Post last updated: Aug. 8, 2017

More than 7,000 industry professionals converged on Boston in July for the 2017 Global Business Travel Association conference. Among the topics on tap: program savings and efficiency, traveler engagement and safety, innovation, corporate social responsibility and more. If you didn’t make it to the conference or missed a few sessions, check out our articles and videos on GBTA hot topics.


If you were interested in these sessions… Then, check out…

Savings & Efficiency

Managed Travel Index®
Lesley O’Bryan, Director, Practice Area Lead, Emerging Practices, Advito
Virtual collaboration yields ROI of 15-to-1
Leveraging Data for Mobility, Risk Management and Cost Control Purposes
Lexi Honohan, Senior Director Global Business Strategy & Solutions, Advito
How to start smartly with a data strategy
Hotel Trending Topics
Sponsored by BCD Travel
For strategic meetings, small isn’t necessarily simple
Strategic Meetings Management: Cost/Benefit of Managing Small Meetings
Shimon Avish, Director, BCD Meetings & Events
 Tips for pushing back on 48-hour hotel cancellations

Travel risk management

Going Global and Staying Safe with Shared Economy Accommodation Services
Kathy Bedell, Senior Vice President, BCD Travel
Keeping travelers safe in the shared economy


Travel Tech Maturity Index
Lexi Honohan, Senior Director Global Business Strategy  & Solutions, Advito
Kellogg’s end-to-end strategy elevates travel program
Microsession: End-to-End Strategy Elevates Travel Programs
Wendy Prewitt, Vice President Global Business Development, BCD Travel;Cecile Mutch, Senior Director of Corporate Services, Kellogg Company
Video: BCD’s Yannis Karmis on managing business travel at “warp speed”
Tech Trends 2017
Miriam Moscovici, Director of Innovation, BCD Travel
Video: Advito’s savings calculator helps travel buyers cut costs

Corporate social responsibility

Sustainability Self-Assessment Tool
Sponsored by BCD Travel
6 steps to building a global CSR program
Sustainability Superstar: The ICARUS Journey
Kathy Jackson, EVP, BCD Travel

The BCD Travel takeaway: Check out CEO John Snyder’s view of a business travel future shaped by technology, data and talent.