End-to-end strategies ‘wow’ travelers, Siemens travel chief says

‘Strategic enablers’ transform travel and boost productivity.


Four “strategic enablers” are allowing Siemens to transform its corporate travel program into an end-to-end powerhouse, the company’s travel leader Steven Schoen told Business Travel News.

In the in-depth interview, which followed his recent recognition as BTN’s 2017 Travel Manager of the Year, Schoen said Siemens can measure end-to-end productivity gains in years of labor saved—not hours. The German global electronics and industrial engineering giant is a BCD Travel client.

Here’s an overview of Siemens’ four strategic enablers, which are more about “wowing the traveler” than about savings, Schoen told BTN:

  • Driving an ownership culture by putting employees and their first-line managers at the center of travel booking and expense decisions.
  • Digitalization of a mobile-centric travel booking and expense reimbursement process on the Concur platform.
  • Simplification of travel program structures and processes to boost employee productivity, satisfaction and retention.
  • Transparency in who’s empowered to make travel decisions—and who’s accountable for the results.

“Things are moving quickly, and there has to be a willingness to evolve. Siemens leadership encourages ‘bold moves,’ which I’ve always promoted with my teams,” Schoen said. “Taking on big changes is challenging, but it is exciting.”

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