Know before you go: COVID-19 Information Hub

Real-time information to help travelers make informed, confident and safe travel decisions before, during and after their trip. With travel risks and requirements seemingly changing by the minute, travelers have all sorts of questions. What is my health risk? Do I have to self-quarantine? What if a border closes unexpectedly? Do I have to wear a face mask? What should I pack?

Real-time information

Travelers can find all this information in our COVID-19 Information Hub on, providing real-time information they need before, during and after their trip. The single source of information contains data from more than 800 sources, providing details on destination risk alerts, airline and hotel policies, ground transportation protocols, travel restrictions and more.

With this resource, travelers no longer need to visit numerous websites to look up specific entry/exit requirements, quarantine information, country risk levels and requirements, hotel and airline information, what to expect at airports, preparation details to consider, as well as what health symptoms to monitor.

New features

We recently enhanced our COVID-19 Information Hub with new features, including:

  • a search function to get destination/departure restrictions
  • an interactive world map with countries’ COVID-19 risk levels
  • an at-a-glance chart to compare airlines across key categories, like boarding instructions, temperature scans, hygiene protocols, and more

Our travel consultants are equipped with an agent-facing resource (with the same information) and can give in-person advice to those who prefer to speak with someone in person to book a trip.

COVID-19 Information Hub

With travel risks and requirements changing by the minute, real-time information is a must-have to plan your trip. BCD’s COVID-19 Information Hub helps you make informed, confident and safe travel decisions.


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