In the news: The travel technology challenge

As technology tools become ever more essential to corporate travelers, travel program leaders are challenged to keep up with the options, make the right choices and, ultimately, extract data that will really inform them about employees’ trip experiences.

A recent Skift article explores the complexities. In it, BCD Travel’s Miriam Moscovici explains how the travel management company has positioned itself to support clients navigating the travel technology landscape.

Providers “have popped up saying we have data that can assist the journey overall,” explained Moscovici, director of emerging technologies at BCD. “As a travel management company, we would love to be the moderator of all this to make sure our travelers are looked after.”

That’s the strategy behind BCD’s newly launched SolutionSource platform. It’s a travel technology marketplace designed to make it easier for BCD clients to discover and integrate solutions that optimize spend, manage risk, minimize disruptions, influence traveler behavior and more. SolutionSource offerings have been vetted and authorized to plug into BCD-managed programs. Freebird, Rocketrip, Fairfly and Yapta are among the initial SolutionSource Authorized Partners. Additional providers will join the marketplace throughout 2018.

SolutionSource is BCD’s third product platform. The portfolio also includes TripSource®, a platform to increase traveler engagement, and DecisionSource®, a platform to use travel data to drive intelligent programs.

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