How BCD is building for business travel innovation

At GBTA, SolutionSource partners will give quick explainers about benefits for travel buyers.

Platforms always win. That simple statement is a mantra for Yannis Karmis and his BCD Travel team, and it will shape their conversations with travel buyers at the upcoming Global Business Travel Association conference.

Karmis, senior vice president of Product Planning & Development, is shepherding the travel management company through a digital evolution rooted in adaptable platforms and the innovations they enable. “New products, processes and technologies are faster and smarter when they’re created using a modular approach,” he explained.

SolutionSource®, BCD’s newest platform, launched earlier this year, integrates third-party technologies with the TMC’s other core platforms, DecisionSource® and TripSource®. The offerings available via SolutionSource are authorized by BCD, meaning they’ve been vetted to ensure security, workflow and implementation processes align with clients’ travel program needs. The front-end work done by BCD enables clients to incorporate innovative solutions into their programs quickly and seamlessly.

At GBTA, Aug. 11-15 in San Diego, SolutionSource partners will give 10-minute explanations of how they’re tackling today’s business travel challenges. These quick pitches will happen at the BCD Travel booth, No. 2334, on the following schedule (all times PDT):

BCD Travel SolutionSource Presentation Schedule

Monday, Aug. 13
2:40 p.m. | TRIPBAM—hotel rate-shopping service for travel managers
3:20 p.m. | FairFly—savings on airfares across the globe
4:10 p.m. | SpotHero—the #1 parking app for travelers
4:40 p.m. | Rocketrip—employee-centric travel savings
Tuesday, Aug. 14
2:40 p.m. | Yapta—big savings on corporate travel
3:20 p.m. | Pana—world-class guest trips
4:00 p.m. | Freebird—ease the pain of flight disruptions
4:40 p.m. | International SOS—traveler protection and duty of care

Each presentation will wrap up with a champagne toast, and attendees with be entered to win a new iPhone X.

Get insights on data analytics, technology trends, duty of care compliance, traveler engagement and more at GBTA sessions featuring BCD Travel, Advito and BCD Meetings & Events experts.

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