Case study: Textron boosts savings with TripSource

In-program airport parking rises 90% and costs drop after traveler messaging campaign.

Last updated: July 20, 2018

Like many large companies, Textron’s travel policy information is contained in a multi-page document posted on the company’s intranet. Employees weren’t taking advantage of guidance or available offers because they just weren’t taking time to go online and learn about them. That led to higher travel costs and missed opportunities to show travelers how staying within policy benefitted them.

Textron turned to BCD Travel’s TripSource® for help—creating a traveler messaging campaign that delivered information about the company’s airport parking discounts at the moment when travelers needed to know.

The results, as detailed in a recent case study, were a 90% increase in parking with preferred airport vendors and a doubling of parking-related savings for the U.S. aerospace and defense company. Textron is planning new ways to use TripSource to drive savings, traveler satisfaction and policy compliance.

Pushing messages to travelers via TripSource simplifies the communication process and reduces employees’ on-the-road hassles, said Al Casazza, Textron’s director of Global Services and Real Estate. “Our travelers don’t have to do anything to get the information they need, and they get it right when they need it.”

Learn more about how TripSource can boost savings, safety and traveler satisfaction. And find out why travelers love the app.

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