BCD’s new Developer Hub is a catalyst for business travel innovation

The evolutionary step for SolutionSource empowers technology creators to build tailored solutions for corporate travel programs.

BCD Travel has launched SolutionSource® Developer Hub, which gives technology creators the application programming interface (API) and developer tools they need to create tailored business travel innovations.

Irina Matz, senior director of SolutionSource

“Giving developers access to modern tools and technology allows them to build and deliver solutions catered to the specific needs of our customers,” said Irina Matz, senior director of SolutionSource.

The Developer Hub is a significant next phase for SolutionSource, a travel technology marketplace that BCD introduced in February 2018. SolutionSource allows the travel management company’s clients to integrate new technologies into their travel programs with greater speed and less risk because BCD vets every third-party technology provider accepted into the marketplace.

Using APIs to unlock innovation

The new hub provides authorized developers access to five of BCD Travel’s APIs, as well as data extracts. With this access, the developers are able to harness the power of BCD’s multisource booking repository, travel content and policy rules engine.

Developers can explore BCD’s data delivery methods, view detailed technical documentation and even work with sample code. The result: highly specialized solutions that integrate with both BCD systems and customer programs to improve savings, duty of care compliance and traveler experiences.

Creating a unified experience

Yannis Karmis, BCD senior vice president of Product Planning & Development

“As the corporate travel industry continues to evolve, the technology that supports it needs to change, as well. BCD Travel is expanding our focus to a much broader range of digital services that use global operating models and technology platforms to enable a unified customer experience,” said Yannis Karmis, BCD senior vice president of Product Planning & Development.

“We are prioritizing investment in developer tools. The same APIs we use to power our own core solutions—traveler itineraries, shopping and booking, traveler engagement—are the ones we are making available through Developer Hub,” Karmis said.

SolutionSource’s 19 authorized travel technology partners have been integrated into more than 300 travel programs. BCD clients are reaping the benefits of solutions from partners such as FairFly, Freebird, Rocketrip, TRIPBAM, Yapta and more.

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