3 ways BCD Travel helps find and assist travelers in crisis

Three valuable tools from BCD Travel’s DecisionSource reporting and analytics platform can help travel managers quickly locate and support travelers in need.

In high risk situations, DecisionSource® by BCD Travel can help travel managers locate and assist travelers before, during and after an event. The Traveler Care map, Hot Spot report and Location Incident report are three of the most valuable tools travel managers can use to help inform decision-making when their people are at risk.

Traveler Care map

  • Allows you to see where your travelers are globally on a map based on PNR data.
  • Contact travelers directly from the map via SMS and/or email.
  • How to use this: Click here for a video tutorial of Traveler Care.

Hot Spot report

  • Allows you to report on travelers going to or returning from high-risk destinations.
  • How to use this: See our library features and reports in this tutorial.

Location Incident reports

  • We offer contact and itinerary reports as part of our incident report package. These reports identify travelers in areas of concern and include their flight, hotel and emergency contact details.
  • How to use this: Click here for a quick reference guide on our incident reports, with summary descriptions of each field and instructions on how to filter the report to get the results you need.

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