How to mitigate the cost of rising intra-European airfares

Advito expert to offer air program insights.

Airfares keep going up for flights connecting major European business cities. Reduced competition, higher pricing by established low-cost carriers and fees related to new airline distribution strategies are to blame.

  • Since early 2018, the average ticket price for intra-European flights has increased 5% to 10% for major regional clients of business travel consultancy Advito.
  • Select country-to-country routes originating in Germany—for example flights from Düsseldorf to Zurich—have jumped as much as 30%.
  • The average price of a round-trip ticket between Cologne and Munich is up 41% this year.

Multiple factors have triggered the airfare hike, and Advito air expert David Frangeul offers advice for travel buyers in a new blog post. To mitigate the cost of rising intra-European airfares, travel buyers need to understand what’s behind the higher prices; assess the impact on their corporate programs; and use Advito’s Airfare Predictor and other tools and strategies to ease the pain of higher prices, Frangeul recommends.

Read the full Advito blog post to learn more about how to mitigate rising intra-European airfares. Ask how BCD Travel and Advito can help you gain strategic insights for building a better air program.

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